The Route

Elevation is on your side!

If you are looking for a cycling route that will wrap you in a warm embrace and forgive you for a bit of winter lethargy – this one is for you. It is a lover, not a fighter, and will deliver an unparalleled experience of traversing 200+kms of some Tassie’s most memorable terrain with the maximum descending and minimum climbing. However, don’t let its friendly nature fool you – 200+km on Tasmanian roads always presents challenges and can be a cruel mistress if taken for granted. Get training!

The 2019 route has some familiar aspects for repeat offenders, but offers something new. Starting at the very top of the Plateau the route will travel the freshly sealed section of road from Pine Lake down the exciting descent to Liawenee. Also for the first time, the Tour de Mo will travel through the highly underrated Macqurie Plains.

North of Pine Lake (see Google location) >> Liawenee >> Bothwell >> Gretna (yep – no Meadowbank “brick wall” climb) >> Bushy Park >> Salmon Ponds >> New Norfolk >> Hobart

For all you Strava types, have at the route map.